Inaugural Global Brand Summit

Global Brand Summit is a learning festival that curates Asia’s best in brand design, marketing and entrepreneurship from 21 to 23 November 2019 in Singapore. I was part of the core team with 3 other members.  WEBSITE

Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition


Organised by the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Singapore Management University (SMU), the 9th edition in 2017 attracted a record-breaking 550 submissions from 311 universities in 68 countries. (almost 300% increase from the 8th edition in 2015)

I was the overall in-charge of publicity and international outreach to drive awareness about this competition, heading earned and paid media efforts with a lean team of 3 members. WEBSITE


Paper Goods with a Heart <3

It started with a drawer of memento from people who cared about me. Since young, I treasure all the handwritten notes I receive – I just can’t bear to discard them, so I kept them all in a drawer in my room. I strongly believe everyone should express their love more often, as we’re often guilty of not doing it enough. There could never be “too much love”. Our mission is to inspire more people to want to make the world a better place and write more heartfelt, handwritten cards to each other. WEBSITE

Past Projects — LoveByte

lovebyte app
Remembering What’s Most Important in Life
Mar 2012 — Jul 2016

I joined my co-founder when I first heard about the concept. It was something that tugged at my heartstrings as I love archiving the little moments and experiences that become memories in my life – both good and bad.

LoveByte is designed to help couples improve their relationship by providing that private space to allow two people to document and share their special love journey and unveil their love story. Our work can be seen on HuffingtonPost.

It was acquired in Oct 2014 by migme, an ASX listed company at time of acquisition. migme had since shut down its operations in Singapore.

Slush Singapore

Inaugural Slush SG 2016 Team
Inaugural Slush SG 2016 Team

Apr 2016 — Oct 2016

Slush is a festival, a celebration of entrepreneurship. At Slush Singapore, we create the environment to allow a community of passionate entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovators, and investors to cross-pollinate with each other. (Intro video)

What’s crazy was that we only had 3 months (~100 days) to plan the conference from scratch and I said YES! I was Head of Marketing for the inaugural Slush Singapore x Techventure held on 20 September 2016 at Resorts World Convention Centre, working with a core team of 7 members and over 200 volunteers.