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“Amelia has a passion for media and through her role as our media executive, she helped us to communicate the transformation initiative for GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Singapore. Using infographics, stories, pictures and video, we was able to translate the Transformation initiative for the site that reached out and engaged both minds and hearts of our six thousand employees. Her efforts played a big part in significantly improving the engagement survey results by double-digits over a short three year period. Amelia is conscientious, self-motivated and collaborates well with people from various roles and background. Very good with people, she is good at listening and empathizing with co-workers and is well liked by her co-workers. She has shown tremendous perseverance in both her work in GLOBALFOUNDRIES and also leading LoveByte from an idea to a reality. Those who have an opportunity to work with Amelia, as I have, would be so blessed and I would be glad to recommend her in whatever she choses to pursue in her future.”
 – How Chong Peng, Deputy Director, GlobalFoundries

“Amelia has a great passion for life, social causes and technology. She is driven and is one of those people who just “make things happen”. I had the pleasure to work with her in mig and learned tremendously from her determination towards building a product that solves a real human problem, by learning about human and social psychology as well as sharing her depth of knowledge to inspire others around her. Her ability to lead and collaborate shines through especially in times of hardship, when she went the extra miles to help and support her coworkers. I highly recommend her for positions that allow her to take the lead, live up to her full potentials and inspire real changes.”
Zoey Nguyen, Product designer, migme

“Amelia is a great friend and mentor who is very approachable and always there to help. As a Slush Singapore volunteer, i have learned a lot from Amelia, who readily shares her knowledge, expertise and experiences to anyone who is willing to learn. She is dedicated to helping the startup ecosystem in Singapore, forging new connections between individuals and contributes in many other ways to develop the local entrepreneurship scene. I have picked up many concepts and ideas from her and i’m very glad to have met an amazing mentor with such a warm and affable personality who I know can always talk to.”
Seth Ong, Volunteer, Slush Singapore 2016  

“Amelia is simply a hard worker, very detailed, and also a very versatile team player who can adapt quickly to any work environment. She is also a friendly, fast-learner, and supportive coworker which is a must have in every organization. I definitely recommend her and I hope to be able to work with her in any future projects.”
Joshua Kevin, Founder at Talenta, Forbes Asia 30 under 30

“Working with Amelia has been absolutely delightful. She has a creative mind that never fails to amaze. Coupled with her entrepreneurial attitude, Amelia is definitely a great asset to any companies.”
– Jacky Yap, Managing Director, GRVTY Media