Seth Godin

I remember being at the library walking from bookshelf to bookshelf, finding a new book to read. I stopped at an outrageous title “All Marketers Are Liars” and thought to myself: now this got my attention.

After the book, I got so interested that I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing while working as a designer in my day job. It was one of the moments that changed my life forever. I’ve always been interested in human behaviour, relationships and hearing stories from people. It was like putting them together and I was hooked.

Ryan Holiday

The Daily Stoic has been one of the useful books that got me through tough times.

Mark Manson

On bad days, I would open up and pick an article title that resonates with me the most at that point in time.

James Altucher

By now, you should know that I read a lot. I love books, but I also open a ton of tabs on my computer, clicking from one article to another. I started noticing the name James Altucher and I loved how honest his articles were. A lot of the thoughts resonated with me.