About Amelia


I now help students build startups – mostly by being a friend, listening ear and mentor. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, so I try my best to help them make it more bearable. That is just 5% of what I do in school – I organise events and competitions, manage partners and stakeholders and oversee program outreach within the team.


How I got started into entrepreneurship: In 2011, Dealzilla was started as a personal frustration. At that point in time, there were 62 group buying sites in Singapore and auntie Ami wanted an easy way to look at deals. I met Daniel at 2nd Startup Weekend Singapore, and we worked on an MVP and was able to supply the aggregated deals to a vendor. It was then I got really excited about how a concept that existed in my head could be conceived into something valuable that businesses wanted to pay money for. Later, Daniel moved on to become the CTO at another startup and introduced his developer friend who would later become my co-founder at LoveByte.

My entrepreneurship journey was penned down as part of this blog <The Not-so Secret Diary of Ami Aged 21¾>. Since then, I’ve never looked back! You can read more of my profile on LinkedIn – my gmail is ameliacarys if really you want to contact me.


I grew up with the Internet. I was detached with school (oops) and attached to my computer. I was on ICQ/mIRC, played Neopets, blogged a lot and built my first website on Geocities with a special section dedicated to my close friends. From there, I picked up HTML/CSS and I remember those days when I loved marquees and soppy midi background music.

I wasn’t a fan of school, but I loved going to the library to grab books that I truly wanted to read. I enjoy reading and writing – and I wish I could do them more often. Topics that interest me range from craft and design, self-improvement, mindfulness, psychology, and business.

Trust me when I say I’m nerdy.

  • Reads non-fiction books with call numbers 658-659
  • Inspiration: Seth Godin & The Law of Attraction!

I doodled a lot in class, picked up some digital design and document them at http://ami.wookypooky.com.

These days, I’m trying to be less of a couch potato. I am *trying* to appreciate running, but I still prefer to stay active by longboarding, learning dancing, and pole.